Tiramisu Martini

What are your favorite desserts? Have you ever tried to turn them into liquid form? The possibilities are endless and oh so fun. Experimenting with cocktails is about as good as it gets in the kitchen and never a bad idea. I hope you love these Tiramisu Martinis as much as I did! Cheers friends!

**Tiramisu Martini**

- Ice
- Coffee extract or a splash of espresso. I used coffee flavouring that you can buy in the cake decorating section in the supermarket.
- Amaretto
- Milk chocolate liqueur
- White chocolate liqueur
- Sprinkle of cocoa powder
- Lady finger to serve

- Serve in your beautiful Coupe glass purchased at Opaque
- Add a splash of each liqueur starting at the top of the list. - - The layers will slowly merge together and create a marbled effect like the layers in a Tiramisu.
- You could add some cream to dilute the alcohol but I prefer my Tiramisu on the rocks

Enjoy and sip it, slowly!

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