CHEF & SOMMELIER Sensation Stem Beer Glass 320ml 10.75oz | Pack of 12
Opaque Aberdeen

CHEF & SOMMELIER Sensation Stem Craft Beer Glass 320ml 10.75oz | Pack of 12

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The harmony of the continuous and elegant lines of Sensation and Sensation Exalt offer wine-lovers a privileged tasting experience. As well as sight, scent and taste, the feel of the glass joins the party for optimal appreciation of each wine.

Strong Pure Bright Chef & Sommelier Kwarx

Each Chef & Sommelier piece is crafted from Kwarx® glass, combining high resistance, complete transparency and a never ending sparkle in every glass.

Highly Resistant

Kwarx® is incredibly resistant under everyday conditions. Solidity is obtained by an invisible but very strong bond between the bases, the stems and the bowls of glasses, which results in a perfectly smooth surface which has no weak points.

Never-ending Sparkle

Kwarx® keeps its shiny sparkle wash after wash. Extraordinary brilliance that has been tested in laboratory conditions over more than two thousand industrial washes.

Complete Transparency

Kwarx® seems to vanish, to enable the range of colours in each wine to be appreciated. Complete transparent glasses, due to the fact they are completely colourless.

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