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Gin Fizz - Cocktail Equipment Kits

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As part of a brand new range of cocktail equipment kits available here at OPAQUE, we are offering starter packs for those looking to create cocktails for either domestic or professional use all at an affordable price. The selection of classic cocktails available are carefully chosen to demonstrate a wide range of skills behind the bar, without being too advanced. Each of the available drinks kits are easy to replicate with no unusual or hard to find ingredients.

Gin Fizz

50ml Gin
20ml Lemon
20ml Sugar Syrup
15ml Egg White
Top Soda
Garnish: Lemon Zest
Add all ingredients EXCEPT soda to the small tin, fill with cubed ice, seal, and shake very hard until the tins are frosted. Strain into a hi ball glass filled with cubed ice, and top up with soda to the rim. Squeeze a lemon zest over the drink, and discard.
Equipment included:

Boston Tin 
Toby Tin 
20/40ml Jigger 
25/50ml Jigger 
Bar Knife 
Chopping Board 
Mexican Elbow 
Hawthorn Strainer 
Bar Blade 
Tall Tumbler

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