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Glass Quaich Bowl

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Glass Quaich Bowl

A traditional Scottish drinking vessel, the Quaich bowl is given a modern makeover by Urban Bar. Dating back to the middle age Highlands, this unique vessel was originally made from wood, whereas this piece is made from glass. Now commonly made from metal, Urban Bar’s glass quaich is a unique gift.

With 2 opposing handles the quaich is synonymous with pairings, and is used as a gift at weddings and anniversaries to symbolise love and partnership. This glass bowl has Celtic style patterns on the outside of the bowl, therefore making it a unique gift.

Made for serving spirits, especially whisky, this serving piece is also used as a decoration. Place the bowl on a mantle, and due to its decorative nature it can contain further mementos from your wedding or anniversary.

Product Features

  • Soda-lime glass
  • Traditional Celtic style pattern
  • Double lugged – symbolising love and loyalty
  • Perfect wedding and anniversary gift
  • Dishwasher safe 

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